We're working on a better website supporting multiple languages.

We have team members speaking fluent English onsite, so don't worry in case you don't speak German!

General Information

We'll only have one Event in 2023!


Dates: 11.08.23 - 13.08.2023

Start: Friday at 15:00 (Tournaments start at 18:00)  End: Sunday at 16:00

Location: Eisenbahnhalle Losheim am See

Tournaments: Multiple bigger and smaller tournaments in various games. The biggest one being CS:GO with a price pool of 2000+ Euros

Restrictions: Participants have to be 16+ years old. In case you're still underage, make sure to check the FAQs!


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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you're missing anything, drop us a mail at kontakt@lanarama.de!


What do I need to bring?

- Computer

- Your identity card

- Power strip (3 outlets)

- LAN cable (min. 15 meters)

- Sleeping essentials (We recommend an air mattress, sleeping bag, and pillow)

- Toiletries

- Changing cloths

- Optional: bring your own Gaming chair or rent a SpeedSeat.


What am I not allowed to bring/use?

- Speakers

- Any other devices not needed for gaming (toaster/microwave/kettle/curling iron, etc.)



You're 16-18 years old and want to attend?

> In case you are younger than 16 years, you cannot attend the event.

Gamers aged 16 and above are allowed to attend our LAN party with a consent form from their parents.

They must be accompanied by someone who is of age and takes responsibility for the underage gamer.

If you're under 18, please indicate this directly during the registration process in the intranet system.

If we notice only when you arrive, the underage restricted area might not have capacity for you!.

If you register in the underage (U-18) area but your team is already of age, you can still stick together.

Be sure to coordinate seat reservation with your teammates!



How do I register?

Purchase a ticket here on the website.

You will receive two emails:

  1. a confirmation of your order
  2. Within a few days an email containing a token you can use to reserve your seat and fill remaining information at https://lanarama.rocketlan.de.

After executing the instructions in the second mail, you're all setup.

We're looking forward to see you at the event!



Help, something happened during the event!

The Lanarama community is lik a big familiy!


If you need any assistance, simply approach our friendly staff members wearing LANARAMA shirts or badges.

We also provide best-effort technical support.

If there is any issue with your hardware, please report it to the admin area.



Smoking/Vaping at the LAN?

There is a cozy smoking area *outside* for you, including a small Sisha Lounge, where you can rent shishas.

Remember to pack your cloths according to the weather!


Can I stream at the LAN?

It is possible, however we'd like you to contact us in advance so we can prepare for it and grant you permission. Just drop us an E-Mail at kontakt@lanarama.de.